Chris Squire : Fish Out Of Water : Deluxe Edition Review

Chris Squire’s “Fish Out of Water”: A Super Deluxe Journey Through a Prog Rock Masterpiece

In the realm of progressive rock, there are some albums that have resonated through the decades and continued to gain new fans. This is one of them. Chris Squire’s solo masterpiece, “Fish Out of Water.” Released in 1975, not only showcased Squire’s virtuosic bass playing but also his expansive vision as a composer and musician. Although this Super Deluxe Edition has been out for a while I am so pleased to now have a copy.

The box set includes a new stereo mix, the original stereo mix remastered, bonus tracks, a DVD with a new 5.1 surround sound mix, a fabulous book, the vinyl record, and two 7-inch singles. The attention to detail in the presentation is evident, from the fold-out card housing the four discs to the gatefold sleeve of the vinyl album, mirroring the original artwork.

For me the album has personal memories due to Now Spinning member Gary P Fudge who has since sadly passed away. Gary was a  fellow music enthusiast whose passion for the album inspired me to explore it further. This exploration led to a profound appreciation for the album’s orchestral arrangements by Andrew Price Jackman, a lifelong friend of Squire’s, whose contributions elevate the album to a cinematic experience.

“Fish Out of Water” stands out for its orchestral grandeur, masterfully blended with Squire’s bass-driven compositions. Tracks like “Hold Out Your Hand” and “Silently Falling” showcase the album’s dynamic range, from powerful, driving rhythms to delicate, introspective moments. The remixes, particularly bring Jackman’s orchestrations to the forefront and offer listeners a fresh perspective on the album’s intricate layers.

The box set serves as a fitting tribute to Chris Squire’s legacy, as well as to the talents of Andrew Price Jackman and the other musicians involved in the album’s creation. The included booklet, filled with historical insights, lyrics, and dedications, adds a personal touch, connecting listeners to the album’s history and its creators’ journeys.

Listening to this album today means you have to acknowledge the passing of both Squire and Jackman. This awareness adds a layer of poignancy to the listening experience, reminding us of the transient nature of life and the enduring power of art. “Fish Out of Water” is celebrated not just as a musical achievement but as a testament to human creativity and the lasting impact of our artistic endeavors.

For those yet to discover “Fish Out of Water,” the Super Deluxe Edition box set offers the perfect entry point into Chris Squire’s visionary world. And for those who have cherished the album for years, this edition provides an opportunity to reconnect with its beauty and complexity on a deeper level. As Now Spinning Magazine continues to explore the treasures of the music world, “Fish Out of Water” stands as a shining example of the timeless nature of true artistic expression.

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Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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