Slade Splatter Vinyl – Til Deaf To Us Part and Live at The New Victoria – Reviews

Slade’s Splatter Vinyl Releases: A Journey Through the Band’s Iconic Discography

These releases not only enrich the Slade collection but also deepen my appreciation for the band. As each new splatter vinyl reissue emerges, it’s a reminder of Slade’s enduring legacy.

The collection includes a variety of albums, each with its unique splatter design, showcasing Slade’s loud and proud essence. From “Beginnings” (as Ambrose Slade) with its striking splatter to the iconic “Slade Alive!” each release is a testament to Slade’s impact on rock music. Other notable releases include “Slayed?”, “Old New Borrowed and Blue”, and “Slade in Flame”, each offering a glimpse into different eras of Slade’s career.

The latest to join this colorful series are “Til Deaf Do Us Part” and “Live at The New Victoria”, both superb albums in Slade’s history. “Til Deaf Do Us Part”, presented in white and black splatter vinyl, marks Slade’s resurgence in the rock scene, embracing heavy metal influences while staying true to their roots. This album, featuring tracks like “Lock Up Your Daughters” and “Till Deaf Do Us Part”, showcased Slade’s ability to evolve with the times while maintaining their signature sound.

“Live at The New Victoria”, on the other hand, is a double album on blue and white splatter vinyl, capturing Slade’s live energy in 1975. Despite the audience’s subdued presence in the recording, the band’s performance is nothing short of electrifying. With classics like “How Does It Feel” and “Gudbuy T’Jane”, this album is a must-have for any Slade fan, offering a raw and authentic live experience.

I hope  “Whatever Happened to Slade?” and “Slade Live 2” are next on the list for BMG to release in this series.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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