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I often talk about albums and artists close to my heart. However, sometimes I stumble upon hidden gems that I’ve missed. Clive Carroll is one such artist, whose work is influenced by and connected to a band I deeply admire – Pentangle. This connection led me to explore “The Abbott,” a 2-CD set featuring two hours of Clive Carroll playing John Renbourn’s music.

My journey with Pentangle’s music has been a constant source of joy, as evident from my reviews on the Now Spinning Magazine channel and website. When Clive Carroll reached out to me after seeing these reviews, I was intrigued and eager to hear his new album.

“The Abbott” is an exquisite collection of music. For those unfamiliar with Pentangle or Clive Carroll, this album is a gateway to a world of intricate, melodic, and beautiful music. It’s akin to having someone paint vibrant tapestries in your living room – a rich, immersive experience.

Clive and John’s Story:
The album sleeve narrates the story of Clive and John’s first meeting in the 1990s and their subsequent musical journey. Clive’s apprenticeship under John Renbourn took him on international tours, offering him a wealth of experiences and memories. This album is a reflection of that journey, exploring John’s unique compositions and arrangements.

Musicality and Guest Artists:
“The Abbott” is a blend of English folk, classical, and blues. It’s not just instrumental; the album features vocals, adding depth to the already rich tapestry of guitar work. Guest musicians like Whiz Jones, Mike Walker, and Jackie McShee contribute to the album’s diverse soundscape.

Experience and Recommendation:
Listening to “The Abbott” is a near-spiritual experience. Whether you’re sitting outside with a glass of cider or seeking solace from the world’s chaos, this album provides a perfect backdrop. It’s a testament to younger musicians carrying forward the legacy of folk music with respect and innovation.

“The Abbott” by Clive Carroll is a fantastic album that I highly recommend. It’s a beautiful tribute to John Renbourn’s music and a testament to Clive’s talent.

Order directly from Clive Carroll’s Website 

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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