Genesis : Seconds Out : 2LP : 1977

Genesis : Seconds Out : 2LP : 1977

Vinyl Charisma Records

Also in the photo is the 2CD Mini LP Japanese import

I know there are some people in the group that left Genesis when PG left but this double live album is superb.

Suppers Ready.

Back in the day this was spoken of as if it was a truly spiritual experience. I remember going around to a friends flat and it was lit by just a few lava lamps. I could just about make out a few people sitting on bean bags amongst the smoke coming from a forest of joss sticks. Everyone was chatting and drinking Skol Lager until Suppers Ready came on. Then was a Shssss from the main guy that we had to be quiet to take in the vibes from this majestic track. For over 20 minutes people just stared at the ceiling with their eyes closed.


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