Glenda Collins: Baby It Hurts – The Holloway Road Joe Meek Sessions, 3CD Edition – Review

Diving into the Archives: Glenda Collins’ “Baby It Hurts” Unboxed

We are delving deep into the archives of the iconic Joe Meek with the “Tea Chest Tapes” series. After the recent unboxing of the Heinz box set, we’re turning our attention to the sensational Glenda Collins and her collection, “Baby It Hurts.”

Inside the Box: A Glimpse of the Past

The “Baby It Hurts” set is a beautifully designed clamshell box that houses three CDs. Each CD is encased in a sleeve designed to resemble vintage tape boxes, complete with track listings on the back. And speaking of tracks, this collection is brimming with them! With over an hour of music on each CD, you’re looking at around 22 to 30 tracks per disc.

The set also includes a compact booklet, slightly smaller than the one accompanying the Heinz collection. It offers a brief background on Glenda Collins, supplemented with a rich array of archive photographs and clippings from her era. It’s evident that meticulous research went into curating this collection, making it a treasure trove for fans of this period in music history.

Why This Collection Stands Out

While the sound quality might not match the pristine clarity of the Heinz collection, it captures the essence of its time beautifully. The variations, outtakes, and recordings offer a comprehensive look into Glenda Collins’ musical journey.

For those wondering why this particular collection caught my attention, here’s a little secret: I’m a massive Ritchie Blackmore fan. And guess what? He plays on this collection, notably on “If You’ve Got To Pick a Baby.” Blackmore’s presence on both the Heinz and this collection makes them invaluable for fans and historians of his work.

A Time Capsule from Cherry Red Records

A huge shoutout to Cherry Red Records for their dedication to preserving musical history. Their commitment to scouring the vast world of music, pinpointing specific eras, and ensuring that we, in 2023, have access to these gems is commendable. This collection is more than just CDs; it’s a tangible piece of the past, a time capsule from the 60s that we can touch, feel, and own.

In conclusion, if you have an affinity for the 60s or are a Ritchie Blackmore aficionado, this collection is a must-have. Dive into over an hour of music on each CD and let the melodies transport you back in time.

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Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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