Holland-Dozier-Holland Anthology: Detroit 1969 – 1977 – 4CD Review

Exploring the Holland-Dozier-Holland Anthology: Detroit 1969-1977 – A 4CD Deluxe Edition Review

We are diving into the soulful world of Holland-Dozier-Holland herewith their Anthology: Detroit 1969-1977. This is a spectacular 4CD Deluxe Edition.

Holland-Dozier-Holland, composed of Lamont Dozier and brothers Brian and Eddie Holland, are among the most influential songwriters and producers in the history of soul music. Emerging from the vibrant Motown scene, they crafted numerous hits for artists like The Supremes, The Four Tops, and Martha and the Vandellas. Their distinctive sound shaped the golden era of Motown in the 1960s.

In 1968, they left Motown to establish their labels, Hot Wax, Invictus, and Music Merchant. This anthology covers their work from this period, between 1969 and 1977, highlighting their continued success and innovation in the music industry.

The Holland-Dozier-Holland Anthology: Detroit 1969-1977 is a beautifully designed package that mimics the look of 7-inch singles, a clever nod to their legacy. It features 68 tracks spread across four CDs, offering over four hours of soul music bliss. While it’s also available on vinyl, the CD version provides a more comprehensive collection of songs.

The slipcase and fold-out panels, with each CD nestled in side sleeves, create an immersive experience. The back of the pack and the booklet provide detailed track listings, making it easy to navigate this rich collection.

The booklet included is full of information. It provides a wonderful look into the history of Holland-Dozier-Holland, complete with stunning photographs and essays from renowned writers like Stuart Cosgrove. The essays and pictures capture the essence of the era, offering a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes magic of their songwriting and production process.

As soon as I put on the first disc, I was transported back in time. The opening track, Freda Payne’s “Band of Gold,” instantly filled the room with its timeless charm. The remastering work on this anthology is outstanding, bringing out the richness and clarity of each track. It’s like hearing these classic songs for the first time.

Tracks like “Give Me Just a Little More Time” by Chairmen of the Board and Flaming Ember’s “Westbound #9” are just a few highlights. The set captures the highs and lows of the 1970s, with each disc offering a mix of hits and hidden gems. The progression through the years showcases the trio’s adaptability and innovation in the evolving musical landscape.

For soul music enthusiasts, this anthology is a must-have. It not only celebrates the hits but also uncovers lesser-known tracks that are equally compelling. The design, packaging, and content reflect the meticulous care that went into creating this collection. It’s a fitting tribute to Holland-Dozier-Holland’s enduring legacy.

Even if you primarily listen to rock or other genres, this anthology has something for everyone. The sheer quality of songwriting and production transcends musical boundaries, making it a valuable addition to any music collection.

The Holland-Dozier-Holland Anthology: Detroit 1969-1977 is a definitive collection that beautifully encapsulates the magic of this legendary songwriting trio. From the detailed booklet to the superb remastering, every aspect of this anthology is crafted with love and respect for the music.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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