Keef Hartley Band Sinnin For You The Albums 1969 1973 7CD Box Set Review

Keef Hartley Band : Sinnin’ For You : The Albums 1969 1973
7CD Box Set Review
Esoteric Recordings / Cherry Red Records

67 Tracks plus a huge booklet and essay from Keef Hartley describing the stories behind each album.

Prior to this I only had the album Halfbreed and I have found this a totally immersive experience. Esoteric /  Cherry Red Records show again how these career defining collections should be done. The attention to detail and their understanding of what music fans and collectors want from these CD Sets is spot on. Mini Gatefold sleeves, a booklet you will see your yourself dipping into over and over again and beautifully remastered music. This is Blues, Rock, Jazz, Fusion and a must have.

This box set will certainly be in my top 30 releases of the year.

Track Listing:

DISC ONE – Halfbreed
1 Sacked
introducing Hearts And Flowers Confusion Theme
The Halfbreed
2 Born to Die
3 Sinnin’ For You
4 Leavin’ Trunk
5 Just To Cry
6 Too Much Thinking
7 Think It Over / Too Much To Take
Bonus track
8 Leave It ‘Til the Morning

DISC TWO – The Battle Of North West Six
1 The Dansette Kid – Hartley Jam For Bread
2 Don’t Give Up
3 Me And My Woman
4 Hickory
5 Don’t Be Afraid
6 Not Foolish, Not Wise
7 Waiting Around
8 Tadpole
9 Poor Mabel (You’re Just Like Me)
10 Believe In You
Bonus tracks
11 Spanish Fly (live)
12 Me And My Woman (live)
13 Too Much Thinking (live)
14 Not Foolish, Not Wise (live)

DISC THREE – The Time Is Near
1 Morning Rain
2 From The Window
3 The Time Is Near
4 You Can’t Take It With You
5 Premonition
6 Another Time, Another Place
7 Change

DISC FOUR – Overdog
1 You Can Choose
2 Plain Talkin’
3 Theme Song – En Route – Theme Song Reprise
4 Overdog
5 Roundabout
6 Imitations From Home
7 We Are All The Same Bonus tracks
8 Colours (You Can Choose) (live)
9 Roundabout (live)
10 You Can’t Take It With You (live)
11 Just A Cry (live)
12 Roundabout (Part One) (A-side of single)
13 Roundabout (Part Two) (B-side of single)

DISC FIVE – Little Big Band
1 You Can’t Take It With You (live)
2 Me And My Woman (live)
3 Not Foolish, Not Wise (live)
4 Legoverture
A Leavin’ Trunk
B Halfbreed
C Just to Cry
D Sinnin’ for You (live)

DISC SIX – Seventy Second Brave
1 Heartbreakin’ Woman
2 Marin County
3 Hard Pill To Swallow
4 Don’t You Be Long
5 Nocturns
6 Don’t Sign It
7 Always Thinkin’ Of You
8 You Say You’re Together Now
9 What It Is
Bonus tracks
10 Don’t You Be Long (early version)
11 Marin County (early version)
12 Don’t Sign It (early version)
13 Always Thinkin’ Of You (early version)

DISC SEVEN – Lancashire Hustler
1 Circles
2 You And Me
3 Shovel A Minor
4 Australian Lady
5 Action
6 Something About You
7 Jennie’s Father
8 Dance To The Music

Order directly from Cherry Red Records

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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