Montrose : I Got The Fire : Complete Recordings 1973 -1976 : 6CD Box Set Review

Montrose : I Got The Fire : Complete Recordings 1973 -1976 : 6CD Box Set
H.N.E Recordings / Cherry Red Records (2022)

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I will be honest when I saw this arrive on the pre-schedule I did wonder if it would be something I would really want. Even as a mega Ronnie Montrose fan and my previous video describing the first Montrose album and my desert island disc do I really need another copy?

For a band that were slow to having CD releases in recent years we have had, The Original Album Series Box Set, Rock Candy Remasters and the Rhino 2CD versions.

There is nothing in this box that has not been available before so is it aimed at new fans or older fans who had not got any of the others versions? And what about those of us who already have previous versions can we we safely leave this on the shelf?

The fact is for any fan of Montrose this is really an essential purchase and I explain why in the video.

Up to this point the best sounding versions of the first four Montrose albums was from Rock Candy Records. The remastering on this box set is equal to those reissues but where this box set really scores is the sound of the two radio broadcasts which here sound absolutely amazing.  The four Rock Candy remasters are going to set you back nearly £60, this 6CD box set with the two live concerts and a sprinkling of radio edits is currently around £30 and worth every penny.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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