Status Quo : The Early Years Box Set Official Archive Series Reviews

Status Quo: From Psychedelic Beginnings to Rock Legends
I’m unboxing two significant releases: “Status Quo: The Early Years 1966-1969” 5 CD box set and a gem from the Quo archives, “Volume 2″ of their official archive series, capturing one of their iconic Christmas gigs in 2012.

Status Quo: The Early Years 1966-1969” is a clamshell box set from BMG that dives into the band’s formative years. This collection is wonderful for Quo fans, featuring five CDs that include BBC Sessions, mono and stereo versions of the albums, A-sides, B-sides, demos, and outtakes. It’s fascinating to see the band’s evolution, starting as The Spectres and Traffic Jam before becoming the Status Quo we know today.

The accompanying booklet is a good addition, with and essay, detailed track notes, and an array of memorabilia that puts these early tracks into context. For many fans who joined the Quo journey in the ’70s and beyond they might feel like a different world. Yet, it’s unmistakably Status Quo, with their distinct sound beginning to take shape even in these early, more whimsical and experimental tracks.

Fast forward a few decades, and we find “Status Quo: The Official Archive Series Volume 2,” which captures the band in their element during a Christmas gig in 2012. Known for their electrifying live performances, this CD showcases the band’s enduring energy and rock prowess. With classics like “Caroline,” “Paper Plane,” and “Whatever You Want,” it’s a testament to the band’s ability to captivate audiences across generations.

What strikes me most about exploring these two releases side by side is the incredible journey of musical evolution that Status Quo has undergone. From their psychedelic, experimental beginnings to becoming hard rock icons, their adaptability and willingness to evolve with the times are evident. It’s a reminder of the dynamic nature of music in the ’60s and ’70s, a time when bands weren’t afraid to shift directions and explore new sounds.

For Status Quo fans, “The Early Years 1966-1969” offers a unique insight into the band’s formative years, showcasing their versatility and the roots of their rock sound. Coupled with “Volume 2” of the official archive series, these releases provide a comprehensive look at the band’s impressive career span.


Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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