The Captain of the Lost Waves : Interview Podcast

The Captain of The Lost Waves – Interview
On this channel I also want to include new bands and artists and new music which I think you might like.
The album in question here is Mysterium Tremedum by The Captain of The Lost Waves.
This is a pastoral PROG album that mixes elements of ELO, Tears For Fears, Japan, Tangerine Dreams to make a quite remarkable album.

‘The Captain’ talks about spiritual energy, self-identity, melancholy and depression and how music has helped him through some very difficult periods of his life.

This is visceral music for the mind and body, full of dreamy verses, life affirming choruses and sheer audacity. Where melodic invention meets alternative folk, progressive, world and ambient sounds.

Described by Tom Robinson (BBC6 Music) as “…completely extraordinary…”, Captain of the Lost Waves exceeds the average and makes the impossible possible. A storyteller by nature, his music connects with listeners as he shares intimate musical tales within genre-defying melodies. This is my introduction to Captain of the Lost Waves, but the UK-based Captain has been turning heads across the globe featured on Hollywood Digest, The Huffington Post and Rock N Reel (to name a few).

Listen to the album 

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