The Doobie Brothers “Liberte” (Island) Due October 1st 2021

In these troubled times what could be better than a new album by a band that has constantly released albums that lift the spirits and makes you feel good to be alive.

The Doobie Brothers are one of my favourite bands and regardless of the lineup or style of music each album is essential to me. The lead single ‘Don’t Ya Mess With Me’  is classic Doobie Brothers. Liberte will be their 15th official album.

1. Oh Mexico
2. Better Days
3. Don’t Ya Mess With Me
4. Cannonball
5. Wherever We Go
6. The American Dream
7. Shine
8. We Are More Than Love
9. Easy
10. Just Can’t Do This Alone
11. Good Thang
12. Amen Old Friend

Pre-order link from Amazon

Doobie Brothers Liberte

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