Judas Priest : Sin After Sin : Album Review & Personal Reflections by Phil Aston

On the 9th May 1977, I sat on the balcony of the Birmingham Town Hall waiting to see Judas Priest for the very first time. I had been playing the album Sin After Sin non-stop for days. It had also only been a few weeks since I had picked up Sad Wings of Destiny on a whim because I liked the cover!

In this video, I look back at the album, which is one of the most varied in the Judas Priest catalogue and to this day the Priest album I play the most. I also talk about K.K. Downing and what I believe is his almost unique approach to the use of the tremolo arm.

I have also read Heavy Duty by K.K.Downing and he mentions ‘Dissident Aggressor’ as being one of his favourite tracks. However, he does not like ‘Last Rose of Summer’ saying it makes the band sound too much like Queen. There is no doubt that the track Sinner is a showcase for K.K Downing and the live version took on a life of its own. Personally, I am really looking forward to hearing his new band K.Ks Priest as the initial videos releases sound very good indeed.

Hope you enjoy it and thank you for watching and supporting the Now Spinning Channel.

Phil Aston
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Judas Priest Sin After Sin CD and Vinyl

Judas Priest Sin After Sin Side One

Judas Priest Sin After Sin Side 2

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