The Now Spinning Magazine Podcast – Episode 2 – Why CDs Still Rock- The Podcast

Welcome to Episode two of the Now Spinning Magazine Podcast with me Phil Aston.

In this second episode, I am joined by Charlie White as we discuss our 10 reasons that CDs still rock.

Everywhere you look online vinyl is getting all the good press as people seem to fall over themselves wanting to write off the CD as a dead or dying format.

On the Now Spinning YouTube channel both myself and Charlie recently did separate videos listing our top reasons why the CD is still the preferred format for many music fans.

We thought it would be good to have an open discussion and ensure there was some positive press out there for the humble CD.

This podcast is for everyone who still buys and collect CDs.

10 Reasons CDs Still Rock

1. Liner Notes & Booklets

2. CD Box Sets

3. CD Extras

4. Maintenance

5. They Are Yours

6. Sound

7. Size

8. Conversion

9. Ease of playback

10. Cost

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Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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