What CD Box Sets or Vinyl Reissues Would You Like to See in 2023?

What CD Box Sets or Vinyl Reissues would you like to see released in 2023?
Also what Box Sets did you miss first time around that you would like to see repressed?

Which of your favourite artists or bands are you waiting to see covered by a career-defining box set?

Please add your thoughts in the comments and I will compile them add them to this post.

I have had over 200 comments already via the Now Spinning Magazine YouTube Channel and Private Facebook group and will also be adding the artists that have been mention so far.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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Andy J Old
Andy J Old
1 year ago

Comments cc’d from Patreon –
Another excellent example of your ‘passion’, love it! I think you mentioned most things I can think of. Black Sabbath with Tony Martin is an obvious one, which Tony Iommi has already indicated is likely to happen in 2023. I just hope that it’s done really well and will include Eternal Idol, which (I believe) was on a different label to the rest.
I’d like to see a further box-set of Seal’s 2nd and later albums, and also a roll-up of many of his rarer singles and collaborations. I’ve got pretty much everything he’s ever put out, including promos and non-album remixes, but I’d still like to see these get remastered and repackaged with a good booklet to tell his story. I know there is a large community of Seal fans who would be interested in this.
Next, I’m hoping there’ll be a Giles Martin remaster package for Rubber Soul by The Beatles.
I’m very keen to see more combined multi-format (both CD and vinyl) options for both reissues and new albums, as a cost-effective way of getting both together, rather than buying each separately.
I’ll have a think about anything else I might like and comment again in a day or two

More thoughts …
I’m hoping for what should be the next-in-sequence of the Rush box-sets, which should be Signals, which is one of my all-time favourites by them.
Also, I’d love to see Judas Priest’s Unleashed In The East get an ‘expanded’ release, much like UFO and ‘Lizzy’s live albums have. This is another of my favourite live albums that I love to bits and I always wished it was longer. In particular, my vinyl copy included a bonus 7” with a version of Beyond The Realms Of Death that is different and better to the versions available elsewhere on CD and has never (to my knowledge) been released on CD. I did find this version on YouTube and sneakily ‘ripped’ it, but it would be great to get a proper release of it. In case you’re interested, here’s a link to the YouTube video – https://youtu.be/7TLgxaoxjjg

How’s about a career-spanning CD box set for Heart? I’d buy that! Saw them twice, in the 80’s, and they were fantastic! I’ve got quite a few CDs already but not all and none remastered. So deffo one I’d be interested in.

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