Cats in Space : KickStart The Sun : Album Review

Cats in Space : KickStart The Sun : Album Review
This was my album of the year in 2022 and it continues to appear on my turntable and CD player as we travel through this year.

Please watch the video above for the full review.

In these dark times the world need the Cats in Space. This album just puts a smile on my face not matter what is going on out there. This is music for the mind, body and spirit.
There are still some people who think rock is dead, it’s not. The Cats in Space are proof.

Track Listing
1 Kickstart the Sun Intro
2 King of Stars
3 Poke the Witch
4 Teenage Millionaires
5 Goodbye to the American Dream
6 1,000,000 Miles
7 Fifty-one Pillow Bed
8 Charlie’s Ego
9 Kickstart the Sun
10 A Big Balloon
11 Smoke & Mirrors
12 Hero
13 Last Dance Saloon
14 Bootleg Bandoleros
15 Kickstart the Sun – Reprise

Order the album directly from the Cats in Space

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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