Chart Watch : CD and Vinyl Sales WK 49 Ep 16

Chart Watch CD and Vinyl Sales Analysis
This week we also look at the UK Singles chart which reads like a ‘Now That’s What I Call Christmas’ Compilation Album!
Don’t miss ‘Why CDs Still Rock Part 3’. A new video / podcast coming over the Christmas period.

Now Spinning Magazine
This week’s episode looks at the UK Album charts and a breakdown of sales stats for CD and Vinyl for the number one position
I also look at the compilation chart and the overall albums sales and the percentage of sales that make up CDs, Vinyl and Cassettes.

Physical Format Analysis

Sam Ryder :
There’s Nothing But Space Man
Position = 1
Sales = 24,847
CD = 15,921
Vinyl = 2,651
Cassette = 1,414
Downloads = 3,052
Streams = 1,809

Overall album sales 2,231,549,
Physical product accounts for 628,993 sales, 28.19% of the total.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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