Music Biz Chat – The Influence of Back Catalogue Sales

Welcome to another episode of Chart Watch and Music Biz Chat with me, Phil Aston. In this weekly series, I delve into the fascinating dynamics of the UK album charts, the evolving trends in music consumption, and insights into the music industry.

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UK Album Charts – WK3
We start by examining the number one album in the UK charts. This week, it’s D-Block Europe with their album “Rolling Stone.” They’ have sold 18,390 copies, with a surprising mix of 7,745 CDs, 1,400 cassettes, 1,468 USB sticks, 102 vinyl albums, and 192 digital downloads, alongside 7,490 streams.

Pre-Christmas Singles Stats
The pre-Christmas stats are intriguing, raising questions about the relevance of the traditional Q4 in the music business. The singles chart during December is dominated by re-entries of Christmas songs, overshadowing new releases. This trend could suggest a reevaluation of release strategies during the festive season.

2023 Album Sales Overview
Looking at 2023 album sales, catalog sales – or sales of older albums – have become increasingly significant. Classic albums like Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” and Elton John’s “Diamonds” continue to perform exceptionally well. This trend is partly driven by their inclusion in TV ads, films, and popular culture, which helps introduce these classics to newer, younger audiences.

Today’s music fans, especially younger generations, don’t discriminate based on the age of music. They’re just as likely to explore and stream older tracks as they are new releases. This open-minded approach has given a new lease of life to classic albums and artists.

Despite predictions to the contrary, the album as a format is thriving. Just as people immerse themselves in books or TV series, they seek a deeper, more comprehensive experience with music. Albums offer this immersive journey, allowing listeners to engage fully with an artist’s creative vision.

Insights from the Industry
Karen Emanuel, CEO at Key Production, shares her perspective on physical media in 2024. She predicts an increase in CD sales and a move away from jewel cases towards more sustainable packaging. This shift aligns with broader trends towards eco-friendliness in the industry.

Podcast Update
Lastly, I’m excited about the upcoming episodes of the Now Spinning Magazine podcast. We have incredible guests lined up, including Steve Hackett discussing his new concept album, Chester Thompson, Myrath, Lords of Black, and many more.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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