Derek and the Dominos Live At The Fillmore 1970 Classic Album Review

Video Review – 2.5 mins

Transcript Below

I’m enjoying this album so much and it’s Derek and the Dominos Live at the Fillmore.
I completely missed this out first time round when Eric Clapton, or rather when I started to get really into music in the early seventies I was just obsessed with people like Ritchie Blackmore, Jimmy Page, Tony Iommi (basically anyone who could play the fastest and heaviest!)

I just thought Eric Clapton was old hat really. I’d heard him in Cream, (which I liked), but the album that came out when I was at school was 461 Ocean Boulevard, which was when he was trying to get away from being a guitar hero and I heard that at a friend’s house and it did nothing to me at all. I just went back to the kind of hard rock and guitar wizardry that I’d got used to with the aforementioned people.

Many, many decades later I saw Eric Clapton on some of his Crossroads DVDs when he was doing those charity events and realized that actually he really could stretch out and really play. I bought the album that he did with Steve Winwood and was really impressed with that. Then the Now Spinning Facebook Group had a couple of posts where Derek and The Dominoes at The Fillmore were mentioned.

So I picked it up and I have to say it is absolutely superb. I have the Layla album, which is seen as an absolute classic, but I don’t play it that much. But this particular live album (the expanded version) with the extra tracks is just absolutely brilliant.

Some of the songs are over 15 minutes, 20 minutes long and you know there’s going to be some improvisation involved. But if you’re into guitar playing and the blues, don’t wait as long as I did to get into this.

I think has some of Eric Clapton’s best ever guitar work. Although it is from 1970 from the Fillmore (the year before the Allman Brothers did their classic live album there). But it sounds fantastic, and you can pick it up for less than £10 so I highly recommend it.


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