Rick Derringer – Derringer Bogart & Appice Doing Business As ..Review

This is a thank you to the Tom from our Facebook Group for the recent post where he showed this, the Rick Derringer, Tim Bogart, and Carmine Appice album called ‘Doin’ Business As.

Tom said it was like a basic Rock album, and so I approached it with maybe my expectations were quite low. I’m a big Rick Derringer fan and I know that sometimes he’s described as the bridge between Ronnie Montrose and Eddie Van Halen. I sometimes think that is a bit unfair because he’s more, he’s a vocalist for start, and he’s got more pop sensibilities. He’s a great songwriter and he’s got a good ear for a commercial tune. So although people always thought he was bringing out Heavy Metal albums with Derringer, for instance, that’s not what he’s about. It’s a bit unfair, and I think this kind of artwork really drew attention to the Beck Bogart and Appice album from 1973

Jeff Beck was really going against the Rock power trio at that time and wanted to change direction, and the vocals on that album are quite weak. Seeing that on this album we’ve got the same kind of vocal arrangement apart from Rick Derringer, I was thinking this will be the same.

However, I have to say I really, really like this. There are two tracks, in particular, Alone Now and Rhapsody In Red, with probably some of the best guitar playing I’ve ever heard from Rick Derringer. The other track, Alone Now, is a Blues track I guess, but his guitar playing is so fluid, and yes, there’s a bit of shredding going on. He’s pretty fast, the notes are flying everywhere, but it’s really, really good.

The most amazing track is Rhapsody In Red, eight minutes of Rock fusion,  it is absolutely superb. The production is very good.

I picked this up on Ebay and I’m so pleased I’ve got it. It was a gap in my collection for Rick Derringer, but this is really, really good. If you see it anywhere, I advise you to pick it up.

Phil Aston

Derringer Bogart Appice : Doin Business As : 2001 / SPV Records

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