Dutton Vocalion Records SACD Review

Do You Still Play SACDs and Wish You Could Still Buy Them ?

Please watch the video for the full review

When SACD arrived I really thought it would be the format of choice for HiFi fans. However, the internet and downloads changed the way many people started to consume music and the SACD format never really took off.

This is such a shame as there are some albums like Avalon by Roxy Music for example which sound just incredible in 5.1 on SACD. The other thing is that multi-channel music was tried once before back in the 1970s as Quadraphonic and many of these QUAD mixes were unique and very different for the stereo mixes.  So I was very pleased recently when I discovered Dutton Vocalion Records who specialise in reissuing Quad Mixes on SACD.

In this video, I look at the following SACDs from Dutton Vocalion Records.

Rick Derringer: All American Boy / Spring Fever

Mott The Hoople: Mott / The Hoople / All The Young Dudes

Bachman Turner Overdrive: Bachman Turner Overdrive / 2nd Album

Deodato : Prelude / 2

Thank you for watching!

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine



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Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon
7 months ago

Hi Phil,
SACD…I bought the Machine Head reissue in this format in 2003 because it had the quad mixes that were the holy grail of Purple fans due to the different guitar solos. I then had to but a player to listen to it on! So one CD cost me around £300. I did get Jon Lord’s Beyond The Notes too, but no further rock or blues bands released in this format so two remains the total! Of course those self same mixes surfaced on the 5CD Machine Head box set in 2012 which I also bought as more ‘unreleased’ stuff was on it.
I do still stick to CDs wherever possible (although I have ordered the vinyl ‘Turning To Crime’ which supposedly has an unreleased track on it: but the Edel decided to give it away as a download…ah well, we do suffer for our allegiances! I do get a huge amount of downloads for review (I write for RAMzine and Bluesdoodles) but if I love ’em I buy ’em as the pittance an artist gets for streaming must hurt and I want to reward them for making great music and help fund them to make more.

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