Eddie & The Hot Rods : Do Anything You Wanna Do Vinyl 7″ : 1977

I was 18, in a job I hated, this track got me through some hard times … timeless angst

Gonna break out of this city,
Leave the people here behind,
Searching for adventure, It’s the type of life to find,
Tired of doing day jobs, with no thanks for what I do,
I’m sure I must be someone, now I’m gonna find out who

Do anything you wanna do,
Do anything you wanna do

Don’t need no politician, tell me things I shouldn’t know,
Neither no optician, telling me what I ought to see,
No-one tells you nothing, even when you know they know,
But when they tell you what you should do,
They don’t like to see you grow

Why don’t you ask them what they expect from you,
Why don’t you tell them, what you are gonna do,
You’ll get so lonely, maybe it’s better that way,
It ain’t you only, you got something to say
Do anything you wanna do,
Gonna break out of this city

B Side Schoolgirl Love

Phil Aston

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