Gary Moore – Back To The Blues : Vinyl Album Review

Gary Moore’s “Back to the Blues”: A Vinyl Review

I’m excited to share my thoughts on an album that’s making its debut on vinyl: Gary Moore’s “Back to the Blues”.

I’ve previously touched upon this album in the context of a 4 CD box set and also reviewed “A Different Beat”, the album that came before this. This was a pivotal period for Moore. While I don’t claim to be an encyclopedia on Gary Moore, it’s evident from his music that he was grappling with his musical direction. He seemed to be trying to branch out, but his audience yearned for his blues roots. This album, in my opinion, was his way of reconciling with his fan base.

There’s an underlying melancholy in some of the tracks, but it’s also one of his best works. “The Prophet” stands out as one of my all-time favorite Gary Moore tracks. It’s a poignant piece where Moore seems to channel Roy Buchanan, and it’s simply mesmerizing.

For those curious about the vinyl pressing, it’s a double album housed in a gatefold sleeve. All the tracks from the CD, including the bonus tracks, are present. The bonus tracks, which are VH1 recordings, add a nostalgic touch. Remember VH1, the video channel?

Let’s delve into some of the standout tracks:

Enough of the Blues: A traditional, gritty blues number showcasing Moore’s fiery guitar prowess.
Cold Black Night: This track stands out with its funky bass lines.
Stormy Monday: A blues classic that Moore makes his own. It’s a song that never gets old.
Picture of the Moon: A gentle ballad that’s absolutely enchanting.
The Prophet: As mentioned earlier, this instrumental is heartfelt and evokes a sense of melancholy. It’s a testament to Moore’s deep connection with his music.
Drowning in Tears: Another favorite of mine from the album, it’s simply superb.

The pressing quality is top-notch. The black vinyl is free from any imperfections or paper dust, ensuring a smooth listening experience. For those who’ve been waiting for this album to be released on vinyl, your patience has paid off. The quality and attention to detail make it a worthy addition to any vinyl collection.

In conclusion, if you’re a Gary Moore fan or a vinyl collector, this release is a must-have. Given its limited pressing, I’d recommend grabbing a copy while you can. It’s a testament to Moore’s enduring legacy and his deep-rooted connection to the blues.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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