Gentle Giant : Unburied Treasure : Super Deluxe Box Set Review

Gentle Giant’s “Unburied Treasure”: A Prog Rock Fan’s Dream Come True

Please watch the video for the full unboxing and analysis

In the world of progressive rock, few bands have carved out a niche as distinct and revered as Gentle Giant. Their intricate compositions and musical prowess have long captivated fans, and the release of the “Unburied Treasure” box set by Madfish Records was a monumental event for enthusiasts of the genre. I am pleased to say at last I have managed to obtain a copy thanks to the kind support of one of my Patreons ‘Nick Yousoufian’.

“Unburied Treasure” is not just a collection; it’s a comprehensive journey through Gentle Giant’s illustrious career. This mammoth box set, which I had the privilege of unboxing for you here, is a testament to the band’s enduring legacy. It’s a compilation that had been on my wishlist for a long time.

The box set’s presentation is nothing short of impressive. Designed to resemble carved stone, it’s a hefty package that promises an immersive experience. Inside, you’ll find the kind of content that any Gentle Giant fan would cherish. The hardback book, with its detailed chapters and wealth of memorabilia, offers an in-depth look at each album and era of the band. From press ads and gig flyers to rare photographs and stories from band members, it’s a comprehensive guide to Gentle Giant’s journey.

The set includes an autographed print by the band members, a tangible connection to the legends themselves. The collection also features posters, including one from a 1970 show at Union House, and a unique jigsaw puzzle of “The Missing Piece” album cover

The heart of “Unburied Treasure” lies in its extensive array of live recordings and studio albums. Each disc is housed in a gatefold sleeve, replicating the original artwork and accompanied by a protective inner sleeve. The live recordings span the band’s entire career, offering a glimpse into their evolution and prowess on stage. From early shows in the 1970s to later performances, these recordings are a testament to Gentle Giant’s dynamic and complex live shows.

As a fan, my connection to Gentle Giant has been a mixed one. I’ve had the pleasure of owning some of their vinyl records and CDs, but this box set has opened up a whole new world of exploration for me. With so many live recordings and lesser-known tracks, I’m excited to dive deeper into their catalog and discover more about this iconic band.

“Unburied Treasure” is more than just a music collection; it’s an immersive experience that brings Gentle Giant’s world to life. It’s a testament to Madfish Records’ commitment to creating releases that resonate with fans, offering a comprehensive and lovingly curated journey through the band’s history.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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