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New Music Round-Up Ep1 with Phil Aston
As well as promoting box sets and recording classic albums reviews I want to try and support new music and artists as well. This is my first video in a series called New Music Round-up where I showcase new albums and music I have discovered recently.

Featured in this episode are

  • Amanda Lehmann : Innocence and Illusion
  • The Black Rifles : Grit
  • Michal Lapaj : Are You There
  • Jessica Moss : Phosphenes
  • Simon Mayor & Hilary James : When Summer Comes Again
  • The Meadows : Dreamless Days
  • Barrie James : Strange Desire
  • City Weezle : No2
  • Scarlet Drops : 1984 – 1992
  • Nothing is Real : Lost In The World

Having taken a look around various Facebook music groups and similar YouTube channels I could see that most of the posts and videos were based on classic rock and established bands. I wanted to come out of my comfort zone and try and find 10 new artists from various genres who I could try and help via the audience Now Spinning now has. The few comments I have had so far are encouraging that this will help new bands and artists. Thank you for watching. Phil Aston

Some other music sites tend to specialise in specific genres, and one of the many things I like about Now Spinning Magazine is that it does was it says on the tin, it’s an entertainment site, with all aspects and types of physical music welcome. I still love going to gigs as much as I always have, and a lot of amazing new bands have a very small, if any, financial budget to publicise their music.If you are able to carry on with your New Music Round Up feature I’m sure it will help spread the word, so thanks again. Bob Darlington

Now Spinning Magazine

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