New Vinyl Round Up : New releases – Reissues and New Arrivals

A walk-through of some recent vinyl acquisitions that offer a diverse range of musical experiences. From Record Store Day releases to esoteric finds, these albums will introduce you to some unexpected gems.

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Symposium – “One Day at a Time”:
Our journey begins with Symposium’s album, a Record Store Day release. This American punk band brings a Blink-182 and Green Day vibe to their music. The album comes in a picture sleeve and is pressed on aquamarine vinyl. While the packaging could be improved with a poly-lined sleeve, the music itself is enjoyable and captures the spirit of the band.

Frank Black and the Catholics – “Frank Black Live 2006”:
Next up is an unexpected addition to the collection, Frank Black and the Catholics’ live album. This release, also from Record Store Day, showcases Frank Black’s range, blending punk, country rock, and Rolling Stones-inspired sounds. The album comes with a triple live disc set, delivering an energetic and captivating performance.

Richard Thompson – “Henry the Human Fly”:
Traveling back to the early ’70s, we encounter Richard Thompson’s debut solo album. Released in 1972, “Henry the Human Fly” is a classic in the folk rock genre. The vinyl reissue, courtesy of Universal Music, is accompanied by a poly-lined white sleeve, ensuring optimal protection. Thompson’s album offers an ever-growing listening experience that reveals new layers with each play.

Nick Nicely – “Afterworld”:
Venturing into the realm of esoteric music, we come across Nick Nicely’s “Afterworld.” This collection of outtakes and demo tracks showcases Nicely’s Sid Barrett and Julian Cope influences. Fruits de Mer Records presents this release on splatter vinyl, accompanied by a psychedelic poster. “Afterworld” takes listeners on a trippy, otherworldly journey.

Band of Cloud – “A4 Andromeda”:
Emerging as an offshoot of Sendelica, Band of Cloud presents “A4 Andromeda.” Released by Fruits de Mer Records, this album features hypnotic psychedelic ambiance, infused with Indian influences and electronic elements. The record is accompanied by a poly-lined sleeve and a mesmerizing splatter vinyl design.

The Lost Stoned Pandas – “Dark Side of the New”:
An intriguing side project from Sendelica, The Lost Stoned Pandas take listeners on a cosmic voyage with their album “Dark Side of the New.” This mind-bending release combines ambient bliss, ethnic rhythms, and spacey undertones. The vinyl edition comes with a unique blue vinyl pressing and a poster to adorn your walls.

Incubus Love Child – “The Terrorist”:
A treat for Hawkwind techno fans, Incubus Love Child’s album offers a fusion of contemporary electronics and spacey sounds. This release, pressed on 45 RPM vinyl, captures the essence of classic Hawkwind with a modern twist. The record comes with vibrant splatter vinyl, delivering a sonic experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Be-Bop Deluxe – “Futurama” and Renaissance – “A Song for All Seasons”:
Moving to classic ’70s rock, we encounter two reissues from Be-Bop Deluxe and Renaissance. Be-Bop Deluxe’s “Futurama” includes a remix by Stephen W Taylor, providing a warm and enhanced listening experience. Renaissance’s “A Song for All Seasons” showcases their prog rock prowess with orchestral arrangements and beautiful compositions. Both albums come with posters.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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