Robin George and Glenn Hughes ” Overcome : Album Review

Rediscovering a true lost album: Glenn Hughes and Robin George’s “Overcome”
In the vast ocean of rock collaborations, some albums remain hidden beneath the surface, only to be discovered years later, shining with an undiminished light. One such record is, “Overcome,” the long-lost collaboration between rock legends Glenn Hughes and Robin George.

This has finally seen the light of day, thanks to Cherry Red Records. Originally recorded in 1989, this album is simply outstanding.

The story of “Overcome” begins with a serendipitous meeting between Hughes and George, leading to Hughes’ contribution of backing vocals on the Notorious album by Robin George and Sean Harris. This encounter sparked a creative synergy between Hughes and George, culminating in a full-fledged collaboration. Initially intended as a solo project for Robin George, the album evolved into “Overcome,” featuring four co-written tracks: ‘Number One’, ‘Sweet Revenge’, ‘Don’t Come Crying’, and the title track itself.

Despite securing a major label deal, the project was shelved, and the recordings were consigned to the vaults, leaving fans unaware of the musical magic captured during those sessions. Now, after decades, “Overcome” is available, offering a unique blend of melodic and occasionally funky hard rock. The album showcases Glenn Hughes in top form, his voice a powerful force that, combined with George’s production prowess, creates an unforgettable sonic experience.

A highlight of the album is ‘Haunted’, a track that reunites members of Trapeze, including Dave Holland, Mel Galley, and Terry Rowley, essentially offering listeners a glimpse of what could have been had the stars aligned differently. This reunion within the album adds a layer of historical significance, bridging past and present in a single, harmonious moment.

For fans of Glenn Hughes, this album is a revelation, showcasing a period of his career that many believed was lost to time. Robin George’s production and songwriting shine throughout. Overcome is a chance to explore a chapter in rock history that almost remained untold.

Phil Aston ” Now Spinning Magazine

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