Nektar : Remember The Future : 50th anniversary Edition

Nektar’s “Remember the Future”: A 50th Anniversary Celebration
In the realm of progressive rock, few albums have captured the imagination and spirit of the genre as profoundly as Nektar’s “Remember the Future.” Released in November 1973, this conceptual masterpiece not only solidified Nektar’s place in prog rock history but also broke the band to a wider audience, charting in Germany and reaching number 13 on the US Billboard charts, a remarkable feat considering the band had never toured America at that time. As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of this pivotal album, a special edition box set has been released, offering fans old and new a chance to dive deep into its sonic and visual landscape.

Crafted with care and attention to detail, the “Remember the Future” 50th Anniversary Edition is superb. Esoteric and Cherry Red Records have done a great job, presenting a package that includes 4 CDs and a multi-region Blu-ray disc, all housed in a beautifully designed box that echoes the quality of the Barclay James Harvest and Van Der Graaf Generator sets from the same labels. The box set features a newly remastered original stereo mix of the album, along with two additional CDs featuring a previously unreleased concert recorded in Munster, Germany, in January 1974.

The Blu-ray disc is excellent, offering stunning new 5.1 Surround Sound and Stereo mixes of the album from the original multi-track tapes. Also included is the original 1973 Quad mix and additional video content, including the rare “Remember the Future” promotional film, footage of “Wings” shown on BBC TV’s Old Grey Whistle Test, and a live performance of “Desolation Valley / Waves” for the same TV show.

The accompanying illustrated booklet, complete with a new essay, provides insight into the album’s creation and its impact on the band’s career. It is a wonderful look into the world of Nektar in the early ’70s, offering fans a chance to understand the context and creativity behind this classic album.

“Remember the Future” is a musical cycle divided into two parts, recorded at Chipping Norton Studios in England. Its success was a turning point for Nektar, introducing their unique blend of progressive rock to a global audience. This 50th Anniversary Edition not only celebrates the album’s legacy but also showcases the band’s live performances and new mixes that breathe fresh life into a timeless classic.

For fans of progressive rock, the “Remember the Future” 50th Anniversary Edition is an essential addition to their collection. It’s a loving tribute to an album offering a comprehensive and immersive experience that honors Nektar’s most well-known and highly regarded work.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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