Rocking the Corporate Ladder: Harvey Lee’s Journey from AC/DC Fan to Tech Executive

Harvey Lee : Backstage Pass – 50% Rock n Roll, 50% Business, 100% True

In this episode of the Now Spinning Magazine Podcast, I talk with Harvey Lee, a seasoned music business veteran and tech executive, to discuss his enthralling new book, “Backstage Pass.” Harvey shares his extraordinary journey from a young AC/DC fan inspired by ‘Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution’ on Top of the Pops in 1980, to climbing the ranks of the corporate world, landing leadership roles at Virgin and Microsoft.

This part autobiography, part business motivational book, and part thrilling tales from the music and tech world, is told through Harvey’s witty and fast-paced narrative. From his early days as a bassist in a Hair Metal band to becoming a roadie for ’60s veterans Herman’s Hermits and inadvertently helping The Stereophonics land a recording contract, Harvey’s story is one of relentless perseverance, creative problem-solving, and the power of passion for rock music.

Join me as Harvey recounts meeting music legends, running an AC/DC fan site that led to a significant opportunity with the band, and the life lessons he’s learned along the way. “Backstage Pass” is more than a business book; it’s a testament to how a love for rock and roll can fuel a successful and inspiring career.

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