Rodney Matthews Interview

Rodney Matthews Interview – The Now Spinning Magazine Podcast

On this Episode I hand over to Now Spinning Magazine Collaborator Joe Geesin who went to visit artist Rodney Matthews to talk about his latest projects.  Phil

Rodney Matthews’ art has always fascinated me, ever since I acquired Nazareth’s No Mean City in the early 80s, and I enjoyed his work on other albums I loved, largely Magnum, Praying Mantis and Eloy. I started collecting his other work and mentioned this in Record Collector in the early 00s, which lead Rodney to contact me, and we have remained friends ever since.

On Saturday 5th March I had the opportunity to visit him and his wife Sarah at their home in a remote part of Gloucestershire (roads where cyclists would have trouble passing).

As we sat drinking tea and eating cakes, he had lots to discuss, some off the record (and will remain as such), but he was keen to talk about the current Yendor books and forthcoming animation (which may appear on Amazon Prime), and also to clarify the situation with Magnum and why he didn’t provide the artwork, as untrue rumours seem to be being taken as fact.

In passing he also related a story about Magnum and Jet records, and I’ve always been aware of his love of nature and his religious beliefs, both of which are prominent in many works. With this background knowledge, and that of the second rights work (the return on album covers alone is diminishing), I was able to steer the interview.

If it sounds like two old dudes on a couch having a conversation that happened to be recorded, it was!

Joe Geesin

Thank you to Joe Geesin and our guest Rodney Matthews

For more details on Rodney Matthews and his artwork please click here

Rodney Matthews Podcast with Now Spinning Magazine

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