Vinyl and CD Sales Show Both Formats Are Doing Well – UK Stats

Now Spinning Magazine provides an analytical review of the physical music sales in the UK, specifically focusing on CD and vinyl performance. The information is based on data from the UK album chart. The aim of this analysis is to present an objective overview of the market trends in physical music sales for music fans and collectors

Sales Performance Analysis – Top Positions

This weeks top album chart positions in the UK

Foo Fighters – But Here We Are (Columbia)
Position = number 1

This week’s sales: 44,513
Physical: 35,030
Physically released on two CD
(20,712 sales),
Two vinyl (13,061)
and one cassette (1,257) variant,
It also secured 5,734 digital sales
and 3,749 sales-equivalent streams.

Noel Gallagher :Council Skies
Position = number 2
Three CD (15,613 sales),
Six vinyl (14,209 sales),
Two cassette (1,401 sales)
and five digital variants (5,023 downloads
and 3,396 sales-equivalent streams)

Additional Entries

Additional significant entries in the UK album chart include Avenged Sevenfold at number 21 with 4,034 sales and Rival Sons at number 30 with 2,791 sales. Additionally, Roger Waters made an entry at number 63 with the physical release of his album “The Lockdown Sessions”, securing 2,043 sales.

The Bigger Picture – Physical Sales in Perspective

The total physical sales for the entire UK album market this week were 320,991. It’s about 14% of the total market. Yes, physical music has become somewhat niche, but it’s far from extinct. There’s a growing demographic of both young and old who crave that tangible connection with their music.

This isn’t just about collecting. In fact, I find “collecting” to be too sterile a term. It’s about being a music fan, an enthusiast who loves to surround themselves with the art that is music. Whether you’re reaching for that CD box set or placing a vinyl record on your turntable, it’s about the joy that interaction brings.

A Flourishing Community of Music Lovers

I must say, the Now Spinning community has been a remarkable space for music lovers to come together. Whether through our Facebook group, the website, or right here on our YouTube channel, it’s heartwarming to see people of different ages sharing their passion for music. It’s not just about owning music; it’s about immersing oneself in it and cherishing it.


The data presented in this report reflects the continued relevance of physical music sales in the UK market. While the share of physical sales is smaller compared to digital and streaming platforms, there remains a steady demand among consumers.

For industry professionals, it is essential to recognize the value of physical formats and understand the diverse demographics engaging with CDs and vinyl.

Now Spinning Magazine will continue to monitor and report on market trends. Stay tuned for further insights and analyses.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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