Waysted: Won’t Get Out Alive 4CD Box Set Review

Waysted: Won’t Get Out Alive 4CD Box Set Review

This Box Set covers the period from 1983 to 1986. Its released by HNE and Cherry Red Records and an essential purchase for fans of the band UFO and features three studio albums, one live album, and a mini-album.

The back of the box features the album covers:

You Won’t Get Out Alive
The Good, The Bad, The Waysted
Save Your Prayers

Inside, you’ll find the four CDs and a well-crafted booklet filled with photos and a comprehensive story behind the band. Rich Davenport did an excellent job with the liner notes, providing detailed insights into the band’s formation, lineup changes, and how Waysted almost became an alternative UFO during this brief period.

Produced by Mike Clink, Vices has a raw, punky edge with great rock riffs. Finn’s raspy vocals add a dangerous element to the sound, making it distinct from UFO’s polished production. While not my favorite from this set, it still has some great moments.

Waysted and Live Album
The second CD combines an EP and a live album. The EP includes killer tracks like “Rock Steady” and “Hurt So Good,” showcasing the band’s evolution. The live recordings from 1984 capture the raw energy of the band, with Paul Chapman on guitar, Andy Parker on drums, Pete Way, and Finn on vocals. The live tracks feel wild and unpolished, giving a genuine live experience.

The Good, The Bad, The Waysted
This album features tracks reminiscent of the Lights Out period of UFO. Songs like “Heaven Tonight” and “Manuel” have a Southside Johnny vibe, blending piano, storytelling, and rock elements. The first two tracks are standout rock songs, and the album includes more piano, adding different textures to the music.

Save Your Prayers
Featuring Danny Vaughn on vocals, Save Your Prayers is one of the best AOR melodic rock albums. The songs are full of melodic hooks and powerful riffs, with Vaughn’s voice bridging the gap between Phil Mogg and Journey. Tracks like “Walls Fall Down,” “Black and Blue,” and “Heroes Die Young” are absolute gems. This album is a must-have for any melodic rock fan and adds significant value to this box set.

This box set is a brilliant collection that brings together all these albums, highlighting the progression and the “false start” moments of the band. The remastering is great, and the inclusion of bonus tracks and detailed liner notes makes it a valuable addition to any rock music collection.

Waysted was not just a Pete Way project; it was a full-fledged rock and roll band with contributions from many UFO members. If you’re a fan of UFO or classic rock, Won’t Get Out Alive Volume One 1983-1986 is highly recommended.

Available now from HNE and Cherry Red Records.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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