Phil Mogg from UFO Returns with Moggs Motel

Phil Mogg from UFO Returns with Moggs Motel

Introducing Mogg Motel: Phil Mogg’s Triumphant Return
As a dedicated fan of UFO and a long-time admirer of the extraordinary talents of vocalist Phil Mogg, I couldn’t be more thrilled about his latest musical endeavor, “Moggs Motel.” After years of creating videos and reviews celebrating UFO’s music, it’s exciting to witness Phil Mogg’s return with a new band and a fresh album. I’m particularly excited to announce my upcoming interview with guitarist Neil Carter, who is also featured on this remarkable album.

Phil Mogg’s New Chapter: Moggs Hotel

For those who have been concerned about Phil Mogg’s absence from the rock scene following the end of UFO and his subsequent health issues, worry no more. Phil Mogg, one of the most influential rock vocalists worldwide, has made a stunning comeback with his latest release, “Moggs Motel.” This album marks a new chapter in his illustrious career, showcasing his enduring artistic charisma, uniquely expressive voice, and boundless creativity.

“Moggs Motel” was crafted with the collaboration of Tony Newton (bass & keyboards) from Voodoo Six, a band that had previously toured with UFO, and Neil Carter (guitar, keyboards, vocals), a long-standing associate having been with Phil in UFO for many years. The album was recorded at Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris’s studio in Essex, UK. To complete the line-up, Joe Lazarus (drums) and Tommy Gentry (guitar) joined in the studio sessions.

The album features twelve tracks

Apple Pie
Sunny Side Of Heaven
Face Of An Angel
I Thought I Knew You
The Princess Bride
Other People’s Lives
Tinker Tailor
Harry’s Place
The Wrong House

Interview with Neil Carter

I have the pleasure of interviewing guitarist Neil Carter, who played a crucial role in the creation of “Moggs Motel.” Neil Carter’s contributions to this album, along with his rich history with Phil Mogg and UFO, We’ll delve into the making of the album, the collaborative process, and what it was like to work in Steve Harris’s studio.

“Moggs Motel” is set to be released on September 06th, 2024. Be sure to mark your calendars and get ready to experience the latest from Phil Mogg and his talented band. This album is not just a return; it’s a triumphant statement that Phil Mogg still has plenty of music left to share with the world.


Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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