CD Sales Increase in the USA for the first time in 17 years – Analysis

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This is our update looking at CD sales and this time with news from the USA via Billboard Magazine.
CD Sales have increased for the first time in 17 years. Although in some quarters you might read that without Adele or Taylor Swift they still would have declined. However, Adele sold close to 900,000 CDs of her latest album and Taylor Swift who was promoting three albums in 2021 sold roughly 250,000 of each one.

Considering all the press for CDs is usually negative and there is literally no marketing push from the labels for CDs and in the USA many retail outlets have stopped stocking them this is very impressive.

At Now Spinning Magazine we support ALL physical formats and love vinyl but as we start to get more record labels, PR agencies and media people checking out our website and YouTube this channel I just want to say that the CD revival is alive and kicking.

Now Spinning Magazine is growing all the time and has a very strong global community who are passionate about supporting artists via physical albums and box sets and love CDs as much as vinyl.

The videos on the Now Spinning YouTube channel that talk about CDs have had 1000s of views and on our Private Music Group CDs are the format that gets posted the most.

We are seeing an increase in all physical music formats. There is a growing number of music fans of all ages that are turning away from wanting a digital file or feeling that they are only renting their music collection. They want to feel closer to the artist and their music.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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