Dokken Rides Again with "Heaven Comes Down"

Dokken Rides Again with “Heaven Comes Down”

Dokken – Heaven Comes Down

Dokken are back in a big way with their highly anticipated album, Heaven Comes Down. Don Dokken, the legendary frontman, expresses his excitement, stating, “The new single, ‘Fugitive’, embodies the energy and uncertainties of our current world. And while I might be taking a step back to observe everything unfolding around me, this song captures that sensation of feeling like a fugitive in today’s world.”

Don, speaking about his late-night inspiration for the track, shares, “The song simply rocks. It embodies that quintessential Dokken sound, making it the perfect anthem for those highway drives.”

In a twist that fans might find surprising, the iconic Sunset Strip sounds of Dokken blend seamlessly with the warmth of New Mexico’s wilderness. Thanks to Bill Palmer’s engineering expertise, the album was brought to life in his Santa Fe studio. While Heaven Comes Down maintains the Dokken essence fans crave, there’s a distinct Southwestern touch that adds an unexpected depth to their sound.

Jon Levin, who’s been wielding his guitar for Dokken for over two decades, dazzles with his fretwork on tracks like ‘Fugitive’. Those yearning for the slower, soulful Dokken ballads won’t be disappointed with ‘I’ll Never Give Up’. And ‘Santa Fe’ is a standout track, with Don Dokken delivering what feels like a deeply personal and reflective biography set to a stripped-back acoustic arrangement.

Clearing the air about past controversies, Don says, “I’m wholly focused on the present and what lies ahead. This album is a testament to that. I believe we’ve captured something truly special.”

With Kevin Shirley (of Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, and Joe Bonamassa fame) on the mixing desk and Bill Palmer co-producing alongside Don Dokken, Heaven Comes Down promises a musical experience both loyal fans and newcomers will find irresistibly engaging.

Heaven Comes Down will be released on CD Digipak, 12” Vinyl Album in Black and colour variants, digital formats and special D2C products and bundles. Available to pre-order from August 8th 2023 at this location

Track Listing:
1 – 1A Fugitive
2 – 2A Gypsy
3 – 3A Is It Me Or You?
4 – 4A Just Like A Rose
5 – 5A I’ll Never Give Up
6 – 1B Saving Grace
7 – 2B Over The Mountain
8 – 3B I Remember
9 – 4B Lost In You
10 – 5B Santa Fe

JON LEVIN – Guitar
BJ ZAMPA – Drums

Produced by Bill Palmer & Don Dokken
Bill Palmer: acoustic guitar on ‘Santa Fe’
Mark Boals: special guest (background vocals)

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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