Promethium : Bleeding The Ghost : Album Review

Promethium: The Rising Heavy Metal Titans from Lancaster
Promethium, although a new discovery for me, isn’t a newcomer to the heavy metal scene. Hailing from the UK, they’ve been crafting their sound for over a decade. “Bleeding the Ghost” is their fifth album, a project that began in early 2020 but faced delays due to the pandemic and lineup changes. The departure of long-term members Rosie and Steve Graham marked a significant shift, but with new members like Stu Gordon on drums and James Candlin  on vocals, the band has found a renewed energy.

The album kicks off with “Goat,” an instrumental piece, followed by the title track “Bleeding the Ghost.” By the time you reach “Murder She Wrote,” you’re fully immersed in Promethium’s world. However, it’s tracks like “Healing Your Sin,” “Knives Out,” and “Manhattan” that truly showcase the band’s evolution and depth. The riffs are abundant, and while they’re not always predictable, they’re always engaging.

Promethium’s sound is undeniably heavy metal, but it’s not reminiscent of the ’80s nor does it fall into the New Wave of British Heavy Metal category. Instead, it’s polished, modern, and fresh. There’s a tonality reminiscent of bands like Opeth, but with cleaner vocals and more traditional riffs. The lyrics are dark, yet the music remains anthemic, creating a balance of light and shade that keeps the listener engaged.

“Bleeding the Ghost” is a testament to Promethium’s dedication to their craft and their ability to evolve while staying true to their roots. The album’s 40-minute runtime is packed with heavy riffs, melodic undertones, and a passion that’s palpable. Whether you’re a seasoned metalhead or someone looking for a fresh sound, Promethium offers something unique and captivating.

Promethium’s “Bleeding the Ghost” is a must-listen for any heavy metal enthusiast. It’s a blend of traditional heavy metal elements with a modern twist, offering a refreshing take on the genre. The band’s dedication, passion, and talent shine through in every track, making it a worthy addition to any metal collection. Check out their website below and immerse yourself in the world of Promethium. 

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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