Strangeways : Complete Recordings 1985 – 1994 : 4CD Box Set Video Review

Strangeways : Complete Recordings 1985 – 1994 : 4CD Box Set Review

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First four albums from Glasgow’s Strangeways who took their musical cues from across the pond, making melodic AOR style-rock inspired by bands such as Loverboy, Foreigner, Night Ranger and Journey.

Track Listing:

CD 1 – Strangeways (1985)
1 The Kid Needs Love
2 Hold Back Your Love
3 Close To The Edge
4 Heartbreak Zone
5 Cry Out
6 Power Play
7 Breakin’ Down The Barriers
8 Now It’s Gone
9 More Than Promises
10 Hold Tight
11 All The Wrong Reasons (Demo)
12 Hold On (Demo)
13 Close To The Edge (Demo)
14 Breakin’ Down The Barriers (Demo)
15 Streets On Fire (Demo)

CD 2 – Native Sons (1987)
1 Dance With Somebody
2 Only A Fool
3 So Far Away
4 Where Do We Go From Here
5 Goodnight LA
6 Empty Streets
7 Stand Up And Shout
8 Shake The Seven
9 Never Gonna Lose It
10 Face To Face
11 Stand Up And Shout / Breaking Down The
12 Barriers (Live)
13 Dance With Somebody (Live)
14 Never Gonna Lose It (Live)
15 Only A Fool (Single Edit)
16 Goodnight LA (Single Edit)
17 Dance With Somebody (AOR Mix)

CD 3 – Walk Into The Fire (1989)
1 Where Are They Now
2 Danger In Your Eyes
3 Love Lies Dying
4 Every Time You Cry
5 Talk To Me
6 Living In The Danger Zone
7 Modern World
8 Into The Night
9 Walk In The Fire
10 After The Hurt Is Gone
11 Jackie’s Gone (Demo)
12 Big Tom (Demo)
13 Liberty (Demo)
14 The Last Chance (Demo)
15 So Far Away (Live)
16 Where Do We Go From Here (Live)
17 Every Time You Cry (Single Edit)

CD4 – And The Horse (1994)
1 Precious Time
2 Mans Maker
3 Out Of The Blue
4 Through The Wire
5 The Great Awakening
6 Wonder How
7 Head On
8 Some Of Us Lie
9 Over You
10 On

The box set covers their output from 1985 to 1994 with a host of bonus tracks, live and demos.  For the price this is a total bargain and there is no better way of picking up these albums. I would have liked a booklet rather than fold out poster but for the price point perhaps something had to give. The sound is excellent and if you have not heard Strangeways before and you like AOR / Melodic Rock you are going to love this.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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