Tangerine Dream : In Search of Hades : Box Set : 2019 (16 CDs + 2 x BluRay)

Unboxing the Tangerine Dream : In Search of Hades : Box Set : 2019

16 CDs + 2 x BluRay
Video Review (7mins)

A look inside this new box set. Currently the price is between £44 – £125. This is the second and final pressing. I paid £106 for it and feel it was worth every penny.

It includes 2 CDs of previously unreleased material including 2 CDs of Phaedra outtakes, three London concerts in full (Victoria Palace Theatre in 1974, The Rainbow Theatre in 1974 and Royal Albert Hall in 1975) along with the previously unreleased full soundtrack to ‘Oedipus Tyrannus’, recorded in July 1974 (which is also on the blu-ray remixed in 5.1 Surround Sound and Stereo by Steven Wilson).

I saw them at the Birmingham Odeon, they played behind a curtain with two blue lights. Everyone in the row I was in was asleep when the security guard came around to get us to leave!

Phil Aston

Tangerine Dream Memories from the Birmingham Odeon (From Dale – a member of the Now Spinning Facebook Group)

They played the Birmingham Odeon a few times during my time there and before. I recall one gig we did, must be early 1980s? They arrived, we set up the gear, 3 synth console positions with guitar centre stage. During the afternoon the band and German tech crew arrived (not the most pleasant guys by the way) and began playing together. They played for quite a while. Now here’s the thing: Behind the back cloth, was a large flight-case set in an upright position. 3 Cables came from the case and disappeared towards the monitor mixer on stage left. One cable was power, the others were left/right feeds. The floor surrounding the case had been marked with white gaffer tape. On the tape had been written ‘Achtung! Keep away, strictly no admittance ‘ A German crew member sat and guarded it.

During the actual gig, we saw light coming from the openings in the case and managed to sneak a peek through the crack of the lid.2 Revox B77 reel to reel tape recorders in motion. The German crew member told us to ‘push off! ‘ After the gig and during the ‘get-out’ I chatted with one of the English front of house sound guys that did the PA for the tour and he told me the show was obviously recorded and apart from live guitar, they mimed the gig. He said that the German sound crew kept it from the English front of house PA crew but gave them a L/R feed via the monitor mix desk. He said that they must think we are stupid not to catch on. … Well, that is my story, and to this day, I have no idea why they played live during the day, but mimed during the gig.

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