The Most Disappointing CD Booklet Award Goes to

Video Review (2mins)

Joe Walsh : You Can’t Argue With a Sick Mind : 1976
One of those great live albums that should have been a double. Music 10/10 Package 0/10

Video Transcription Below

I was going to do post on live albums, that should have been double albums but came out single discs and I’ve thought about this album by Joe Walsh, You Can’t Argue with a Sick Mind, then realised that I didn’t actually own it. So, I thought, “Well, I’ll go on line, see how much it is, and it’s £5 in the UK.” So I thought, “Brilliant, I’ll go and get that.” And I sat down when it arrived thinking it’d be great to find out a little bit about the album, who played on it, etc. And at the back it just shows you the track listings. Fair enough. And on the inside sleeve, I open up the booklet to find this.

Nothing, just a plain white inlay with the track listing.

That’s it. Just the track listings, absolutely nothing. On the back, an advert for other albums with probably no information either. So I suppose, what can you expect for £5? But how many of you have bought something thinking, “Oh it’s worth having the CD cause I, that’s what this website is all about.” But when you get this particular one, that is it, as regards to the information on the album, nothing at all about where it’s recorded, who’s on it, or anything. So Joe Walsh Live, it’s a brilliant album, and I wish that they had expanded it. He obviously did more than six tracks on the night of the gig, it really needs to be revisited.

What are your thoughts on things like this, where you get absolutely no information?

What do you think, do you have a worst example to share?


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