Triumph of Death : Resurrection Of The Flesh : Live Album Review

Triumph of Death’s “Resurrection Of The Flesh” – A Live Album Review

For those familiar with Celtic Frost, you’ll recognize the significance of their precursor, Hellhammer. This band, existing from May 1982 to May 1984, left a legacy in just three demos, a 12-inch EP, and a compilation album appearance. Their successor, Celtic Frost, formed by Tom Gabriel Warrior and Martin Eric Ain, occasionally played Hellhammer songs, but as their own music evolved, these were gradually phased out.

The idea of resurrecting Hellhammer’s music has been a long-time ambition of Tom Gabriel Warrior. Although recreating the original band’s essence from the early ’80s was impossible, the current lineup, comprising individuals who deeply understand and love the music, mirrors Hellhammer’s final incarnation with an added guitarist.

The media book of “Resurrection of the Flesh” is very well done, filled with live photos of the band and their enthusiastic audience. The album features iconic tracks like “Only Death is Real” and showcases a musical style that’s a unique blend of Motörhead, Black Sabbath, and Celtic Frost influences.

The tracklist reads like a heavy metal anthem collection, with titles like “Mascara Maniac,” “Blood Insanity,” “Decapitator,” and “Crucifixion Reaper.” The band, consisting of Tom Gabriel Warrior, Jamie Lee on bass, Andre Mathieu on guitar, and Tim So on drums, recorded this album at various festivals, including Hell’s Heroes Festival in Houston, Texas, and the Dark Eastern Metal Meeting in Munich, Germany.

As a fan of diverse music genres, I found transitioning from my previous listen of Joni Mitchell to this heavy metal onslaught surprisingly seamless! “Resurrection of the Flesh” offers a 55-minute journey through bone-crunching riffs and thrash metal overtones. The vocal style, while growly and intense, perfectly complements the music’s raw energy.

For fans of bands like Motörhead, Black Sabbath, and the cult band Hellhammer, “Resurrection of the Flesh” by Triumph of Death is a must-listen. It’s a tribute to a band that, although short-lived, has been resurrected in spirit through this powerful live album. Available now via BMG, this album is a testament to the enduring legacy of Hellhammer and the genre itself.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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