Alice Cooper – The Studio Albums 1969 to 1983 – 15 CD Box Set Review

Alice Cooper – The Studio Albums 1969 – 1983
15CD Box Set Review

Please watch the video above for the full review

This 2015 CD Box Set covers all the albums made by the original Alice Cooper Band and all his solo albums up to 1983. I really hope there is a volume two going from 1984 to the present day.

Alice Cooper is a very special artist who has always done his own thing whilst being aware of the changing world around him. In this video, I also talk about how I discovered Alice Cooper and how important the song ‘Schools Out’ was to me and to millions of schools kid around the world.

It may not come with a booklet but including the inner sleeves and gatefold is a nice touch. A reissue by Music on CD would be very appreciated by music fans and collectors who missed on this first time around.

Phil Aston Now Spinning Magazine

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