Faster Pussycat Babylon The Elektra Years 1987 1992 CD Box Set Review

Faster Pussycat : Babylon – The Elektra Years 1987 – 1992 – 4CD Box Set
HNE Recordings / Cherry Red Records

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This was one of those bands I missed out on the first time around. This box set for me was a great way of catching up. I found I knew quite a few songs from the first album from them being played at rock discos and clubs from the time.
However, I really missed out here and I have been playing the second album ‘Wake When It’s Over’ almost daily since I got this.
If you are new to the band the easier reference point is Aerosmith the influence is very much worn on their sleeves (or should I say scarves!)

It is a really good time rock n roll and if you are playing air guitar it needs to slung way down low 🙂

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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