Billy Bragg – The Roaring Forty | 1983-2023 Super Deluxe CD Box Set and Vinyl Reviews

Unboxing the Musical Journey of Billy Bragg

I recall a moment back in the ’80s, fresh off stage from a metal band gig, when a bandmate and I had a profound realisation. Despite our heavy metal personas, we found ourselves nodding in agreement with the poignant truths in Bragg’s lyrics. It was clear that his words echoed our thoughts, and they still do.

The beauty of Bragg’s music lies in its evolution. From the rootsy, folky tunes to the politically charged lyrics, his work is a tapestry of the times. And now, we have a box set that perfectly encapsulates this evolution, crafted with the fan in mind. This collaboration between the artist and the record company, Cooking Vinyl, is a testament to understanding what fans desire, offering something for everyone, from vinyl enthusiasts to those who prefer CDs.

Let’s dive into the contents of this magnificent collection, “Billy Bragg: The Roaring 40, 1983 to 2023,” a 40th-anniversary celebration of Bragg’s career. The set includes limited vinyl editions, a 2CD edition, and a 14 CD box set.

For those new to Bragg’s work, the 2 CD edition is a perfect introduction, featuring 39 tracks that provide a sweeping overview of his career. It comes in a Digi pack with a booklet filled with photos and track details.

Vinyl fans are in for a treat with two options: a single album with 13 tracks on orange vinyl, representing the cream of Bragg’s output, and a 40-song, 3 LP collection in three shades of green vinyl, mirroring the CD edition’s breadth.

However, the crown jewel of this collection is the 14 CD box set. It’s a treasure trove of Billy Bragg’s work, with each CD running between 70 and 80 minutes, covering albums, EPs, alternative versions, and John Peel sessions. The CDs are housed in gatefold sleeves, rich with information and history.

The accompanying booklet is not your typical liner notes. Billy Bragg himself has curated a book of memorabilia, offering a personal and intimate look at his career. From his first guitar to his first solo gig, from fan letters to tour maps, Bragg shares the artifacts that have shaped his journey.

This box set is more than just music; it’s a narrative of Bragg’s life, his thoughts, and his growth as an artist. It’s a reflection on how the music industry has changed, yet how the physical artifact of music still holds value for many.

As I’ve delved into this collection, I’ve been reminded of the universal appeal of Bragg’s music. His ability to articulate the collective consciousness is unparalleled. Songs like “King James Version” and “Little Time Bomb” are just a few examples of his lyrical prowess.

For those who have followed Bragg’s career, this box set is a comprehensive and lovingly crafted homage. For newcomers, the 2 CD set or the vinyl options provide a fantastic gateway into his world.

In conclusion, Billy Bragg’s “The Roaring 40” is a celebration of a career that has spanned four decades, offering a profound insight into the artist’s life and work. Whether you choose the extensive box set, the triple vinyl, the single vinyl, or the 2 CD set, you’re in for an experience that encapsulates the spirit of a musician who has consistently captured the essence of our times in his songs.

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Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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