Feed Your Wolves Hurricane EP Review

Feed Your Wolves : Hurricane EP – Review

I was approached by a PR Agency to ask if I would be interested in reviewing a new EP that was going to be released before Christmas 2020, by North East musician Andy Davidson.  I was intrigued by the name of the project which is ‘Feed The Wolves’.

On the Feed The Wolves website it states that the name was chosen because of a quote the phrase appears in.

“There are two wolves always fighting inside me. One is filled with anger, hate, jealousy, shame and lies. The other wolf is filled with love, joy, truth and peace. The battle rages inside of you and everyone. Which wolf will win?”

This also happens to be one of my favourite quotes, so I agreed and the CD duly arrived. I have to say it has been a regular disc on the Now Spinning CD Player.

The EP is a follow up to the album ‘Save Yourself’, and is just the ideal soundtrack for these troubled times. On the official website, it states that influences include Death Cab for Cutie, Bon Iver and Kings of Leon. That may be, but I can also hear more recent Bon Jovi (in the choruses ) Coldplay, U2 and Radiohead.

The EP opens with Don’t Leave Me which gets its message across in just under 1.5 minutes. This is festival music, you visualise the flags swaying as the sun goes down over Glastonbury. The title track Hurricane is next which is a great pop/ rock track. The production is just superb, the guitars are huge and I just love the drum sound. However, it is the strength of the songwriting which makes this a standout track for me. Andy’s vocals carry such emotion and the whole thing sounds so live.  I’ve Been Waiting For You is the third track and is a lovely upbeat song driven along with a wall of guitars.

Stars is one of my favourite songs, this is another uplifting song full of hope, and again I have to mention the production, which is peerless.  Let Me Breathe is a superbly crafted song.  I just love to hear really great songs powered along by real instruments, and this one also includes a great guitar solo.

The EP ends with Every Day I Wake which open with a solo acoustic guitar and shows off Andy’s vocals. About halfway in, a wall of distant guitars, keyboards and then drums pile in to bring the song and the EP to an epic climax.

Each song has a different feel, and if you are into anthemic indie rock I would definitely recommend giving Feed Your Wolves a listen.

You can get a copy of the EP and first album directly from the Feed Your Wolves Website and I would also recommend checking out their Spotify feed as well.

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