Gillan Mr Universe – The Album, The Tour, T- Shirt and CD Remaster

In this video, I look back at Mr Universe by Gillan released in 1979. The video talks about the demise of the Jazz-Rock version of the Ian Gillan Band and how Mr Universe saw Gillan’s star rise again giving Deep Purple fans the choice of not one but three bands with Gillan, Rainbow and Whitesnake touring on a regular basis.

I talk about the early gigs seeing this lineup of the band for the first time, look back at the single and do my best to wear the T-Shirt which I bought when I was 18!
Also featured is the CD Remaster and single Vengeance / Smoke on The Water.

Gillan : Mr Universe : 1979
Second Sight
Secret of The Dance
She Tears Me Down
Mr Universe
Puget Sound
Dead of Night
Message in a Bottle
Fighting Man
Smoke on The Water ( Bonus Track)

Ian Gillan – Vocals
Bernie Torme – Guitar
John McCoy – Bass
Colin Towns – Keyboards
Mick Underwood – Drums

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Signed copy of Mr Universe courtesy of Joe Geesin

Gillan Mr Universe Signed Vinyl Copies

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