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Nik Turner Tribute – 26 August 1940 – 10 November 2022

Nik Turner was best known for his role in the band Hawkwind. He played on my favorite album by the band ‘Warrior On The Edge of Time.

He was also a very spiritual person and firmly believed that music could be used to heal others. He just wanted to see people healthy and happy!

This video is dedicated to Nik Turner’s family, friends and all fans of Hawkwind.

Please watch the video above for the full tribute.

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Fan Memories

“I by chance met Nik Turner in 1978 in a record shop in Margate High Street called Funhouse and Nik kindly signed a brown paper bag which was the first thing to hand “ Stay High ! Nik Turner .which has always amused me . I still have his autograph to this day .
I also met Bob Calvert back in 1972 when visiting a friend in hospital where he also was a patient
I was a young teenager and hadn’t then heard of Hawkwind but remember well Bob Calvert telling my friend that he had just written a new song for his band .
The song turned out to be “ Silver Machine “ which made Number 3 in the Uk charts in the summer of 1972 .
The rest as they say is history” Christopher

“I was very lucky to have met Nik back in 1981, was at an ICU gig at Angies rock club in Wokingham…after the gig, I was having a drink, Nik came up to me, asked me how I was, did I enjoy the gig…then we sat down for about an hour chatting about this and that, he was interested in me and my life…we got talking about his time playing in Sphinx…Xitintoday ….just then he kept up, told me to wait there…next minute he came back with a tape of him playing his flute in the great pyramid in Egypt…he gave to me to enjoy, it was called Nikpyrafltamid… kind of him…..we chatted about lots of things Hawkwind….made my night that did…I was 19 at the time….been into Hawkwind since 1972…still love them….well Nik, you rock now with Robert Calvert and Daevid Allen….see you at the next address one day”  Karl

“Amazing saxophonist and all round thoughtful musician. He will be sadly missed. I loved the inclusion of your quotations in your tribute. Unfortunately I have never seen them live and I must confess to only really getting deeply involved as a listener via the Dust of Time boxset.
Someone once told me in the early 80s he once performed on roller skates and wore a whole manner of entertaining outfits. From some of the live CDs I’ve listened to Hawkwind never seemed to have a front man. They had various vocalists. I think Nik loved to be that front man with his amazing saxophony. RIP NIK”. John

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