Slade In Flame Splatter Vinyl Album Review

Slade In Flame (1974) BMG Records
This is my review of the splatter vinyl version of Slade in Flame which is available from BMG records.

Slade in Flame is one of my favourite Slade albums and prior to this I only had the CD/DVD set from Salvo Records. The film itself is very dark and an excellent look into the seedy world of the music business. I think at the time Slade fans expected a more light-hearted film perhaps like the Beatles. What they got was a film that still stands up now and is one of film critic Mark Kermode’s favourite films. He described it as the Citizen Kane of British pop movies.

The album itself is excellent and features probably one of Slades finest ever songs with ‘How Does It Feel’. This song is simply timeless and seems to resonate more now than it has ever done. It is a masterpiece. The other single from the album was Far Far Away which will have you reaching for your imaginary Slade scarf within seconds.

This is a great pressing and I am seriously considering getting Old New Borrowed and Blue and Slayed next in this series!

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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