T.REX : The Slider : 40th Anniversary Box Set – Video Review

T.REX : The Slider : 40th Anniversary Box Set.
An example of a box set where every detail has been covered, even down to a replica plastic bag which the vinyl album would have been in when you bought it in 1972.

Video Transcript Below

Hi. Phil Aston from Now Spinning Magazine. I’ve got a rather special box set review today, T. Rex: The Slider 40th Anniversary box set. Now this is how box sets should be done, this is absolutely spectacular, so I’m going to try and go through the box and show you what’s in it. If you haven’t got this, I think you’ll be amazed by the attention to detail that went into it.

As I take the lid off the first thing that we come across is the hardback book. This is substantial and really does feature some fantastic detail in it. This is a glossy book, hardback cover, and goes through everything that’s in the box. Tony Visconti has done the essay. It’s got absolutely everything you’d want to know about anything related to The Slider, track by track. Lots of musical things.

Next up in this absolutely stunning box is, of course, the Slider the vinyl album itself. 200 gm vinyl, but really well put together. Now we get to the real nitty gritty with some photographs, an actual fan club letter from June 1972. Another lovely picture of Marc Bolan and then we have a great poster.

The attention to detail is just fantastic, there is even a replica plastic bag that you would have been given when you bought the album in 1972. Absolutely fantastic.

There is also the sheet music book, a rosette, which you would have got if you joined the fan club and then the CD of The Slider album. There is even a sticker, which you would have got from the fan club.

The extras include demos which are on separate CDs and a DVD. We then move onto more photos and then the vinyl singles such as Metal Guru, Cadillac, Telegram Sam, and The Slider itself. Rounding the box off is a patch. Ticket stub from Japan and an official T. Rex membership club.

It’s an absolutely fantastic box set. In it you’ve got The Slider, the B-sides, demos, radio sessions, outtakes. The main feature is a DVD, The Slider on TV. Bonus features. Absolutely brilliant box set.

Thank you for watching.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning

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