Corky Laing Interview – Now Spinning Magazine Podcast

Corky Laing – Legendary Drummer and Vocalist talks to Phil Aston
On this episode I am delighted to be joined by legendary drummer and vocalist Cory Laing.
Many of you will know Corky from his time in Mountain, West Bruce & Laing and his numerous other solo albums and projects.

Corky talks about his career from Mountain the origins of such classic songs as Mississippi Queen, Nantucket Sleighride, Leslie West, West Bruce and Laing, his solo album ‘Makin It On The Street’ The Secret Sessions with Ian Hunter and more..
We also chat about the Master of War album, his Autobiography and the two recent Corky Laing albums The Finnish Sessions which follows on from The Toledo sessions. Both of these albums are highly recommended.

Corky Laing – Official Website – Tour News and Music 

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Corky Laing

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