H.E.A.T II – Album Review – This is one stunning Rock Album 10/10

Video Review (5 mins)

You can tell from my video review that I am having trouble containing my enthusiasm for this album! 

Although my musical tastes are so broad now my collection could easily mimic a record shop I cannot deny that the genre that got me into music is still the one that presses all my buttons.

So anything with loud guitars, riffs and big punch the air choruses are going to get a listen.
It also means that my critical ears will soon switch off if it sounds too similar to other bands that came before.

This brings me to H.E.A.T : 11 : 2020
I have a couple of albums by this Swedish band and they are very good but this one is something else altogether.
It has been such a long time since I bought a metal / melodic rock album that has held my attention from beginning to end.

Every track is killer, the riffs are brilliant and the songs just superb.
For fans of Def Leppard, Ratt, Eden’s Curse, this is feel-good music that demands you unpack your air guitar and throw your head back and shout like a banshee.
Rock Album of the year so far for me!

Phil Aston
Now Spinning Magazine

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