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Uriah Heep have announced the release a career spanning super deluxe box set on October 30th 2020

There are three price points – The music (£130), with a T-Shirt (£150) and within a signed print (£180)

Aside from the T-Shirt and signed Print versions  the contents are as follows

  • 19 CDs including all the studio albums + Live 1973
  • 4CDs curated by founding and original members
  • 1LP The Magician’s Birthday including re-imagined artwork by Roger Dean
  • Softback book of tour programmes and memorabilia
  • New notes written by founding and original members
  • Exclusive re-imagined CD artwork for selected albums across the band’s early career
  • 2 x art cards – celebrated original cover artwork by Roger Dean plus his re-imagined Demons And Wizards and The Magician’s Birthday artwork
  • 50 Years In Rock brings together the full discography including all the seminal albums by British hard rock legends Uriah Heep.
  • Created with the full collaboration of the band and curated by founding and original members Mick Box, Ken Hensley, Paul Newton and Lee Kerslake.
  • Includes personal liner notes; Box, Hensley, Newton and Kerslake all contribute words to this box set. Exclusive to this box set are 4 CDs personally compiled by each of the band members detailing their favourite Heep tracks of all time.
  • This ultimate collection of Uriah Heep albums, released between 1970 and 2019, exists for a reason. This is not the first time that the work of the mighty Londoners has been brought together of course, but never has the band’s ENTIRE career, covering EVERY album, been collected together and presented in this truly celebratory box set.

Initial observations by Phil Aston

At first glance, this is an immediate purchase for me. Uriah Heep have always been seen to be outside of the holy trinity of classic British rock with Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. This is unfair as they have constantly released outstanding albums and weathered many a storm. In fact, their more recent albums have been a real purple patch in quality and sound.

So this is an exciting opportunity to at last recognise the band by celebrating their entire career in one box. As a reference point, I would compare this presentation with Nazareth’s Loud and Proud and The Vintage Years by Wishbone Ash.

So with this in mind, there does seem to be something odd about the presentation. For instance for just 19 CDs to include all their studio albums this would mean some are doubled up on one disc. You can see from the photo that some albums are not represented. This must be where exclusive re-imagined artwork comes from. I have to say as a lifelong fan this feels like a cost-cutting exercise which ironically may turn some collectors away. Very Eavy is where it all started and has one of the most iconic album sleeves from the period.  It looks like Very Eavy is on the same CD as Salisbury and they have merged the covers!  Wonderworld and High & Mighty and Head First are also doubled up.

This is very disappointing, those early albums could have been in mini gatefold sleeves. The other issue is that all the current CDs came with additional outtakes, live tracks and B sides, does this mean these are missing from this set? Perhaps a 2CD set pulling all these together to an unreleased concert / DVD could have been included.

The other 4CDs compiled by the band members could also mean the same tracks included again.

Currently, there is no tracklisting so I could be completely wrong and I will update this post when I know more.

If anyone does have more details please let me know

Phil Aston | Now Spinning

Uriah Heep 50 Years In Rock – Order Details 

Uriah Heep 50 years box set - two albums on 1 CD


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